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Neha Paranjpe - Eclectic & Real

by Aditi Rathore |

In our increasingly material world, it is rare to instantly connect with people. And for all the magic of the Internet, it is still unlikely for that to happen right away on social media. But boy did we get lucky!

Meet Neha Paranjpe aka @left_stroke_viral. She is full of warmth, puns and so much sass. A former journalist, she now rocks it with content and on-boarding at a tech startup as much as she delights with her eclectic style on Instagram.



Tell us a little about yourself.

Neha. 34 (in another 2 months). Love pizza, and bad jokes.I am born and brought up in Delhi. 
I studied journalism and thought this is what I am going to do. ALL MY LIFE. Started out with news channels at 23. Went through the drill of doing odd shifts at the news desk and then moved on to producing features for weekend programming. I had A LOT of fun while it lasted (which was about 7 years) since I used to travel to different parts of the country, meet people from all walks of life, and had the opportunity to tell their stories. But deep down I also knew that I couldn't keep up with it. Long hours + late nights were dulling my brain. 
And with no background in tech or social media marketing I made my move to digital. Now, I work with a SaaS startup that focusses on Facebook advertising for e-commerce. I help with content, customer success, and on-boarding. All very data driven and extremely dynamic. And I love it!! 
After much contemplation, introspection, and just sweating about the future, I now know that nothing truly is for the 'rest of my life'. I will keep exploring different fields, applying my skills wherever required and picking up new ones on the way :)

There is an 82-year old woman in Japan who started DJ-ing in her 70s. She is my inspiration! 

How do you define your personal style?

Currently my wardrobe is a mishmash of flea market pieces that have survived for 6 years or more,hand-me-downs from my friends & mum, online purchases etc.
Lots of colours + prints + 3 prized robes.



In the clutter of follower driven profiles, your profile seems so personal and real. What motivates you to create content?

Wow! Thank you so much!
The answer is - I do it primarily for myself. It started as an experiment to document what I was wearing every day, like a visual diary.
Slowly I discovered others who enjoyed dressing up and were having so much fun with it that I got even bolder. It still remains like a virtual diary where now I have my own pen pals.

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?

Lots of sleep. Followed by great food, and accompanied with good company. And if you dim the lights just right and open a bottle or two, then it’s a party!

People you love to stalk on instagram?

@thesartorialist, @streetstyledelhi, @iconaccidental


If not for your current profession, what would you be doing?

I’d probably be a hair stylist or a personal stylist. I am not sure, never been able to decide on just ONE thing.

What is your top goal for 2019?

To laugh more than I did in 2018.


Neha is wearing Nanohana Day Dress