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Covid-19 Measures

Even as we always maintain high standards of hygiene at our studio, we’ve added new health and safety measures to protect our team and create our products in the safest of environment. 

In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we swear by the following measures.

Regular sanitisation: Our studio and tools are regularly disinfected multiple times everyday. 

Mandatory protective gear: Our team wears clean protective gear at all times within the studio and always keeps them on while traveling as well.

Physical distancing: We strictly maintain physical distancing between our team members at all times. Being a small team gives us an advantage here!

Contactless deliveries: All deliveries made via our shipment partners are made without any contact, protecting you and the delivery person at all times.

Practicing these health measures and being more careful towards all our procurements and deliveries, however, does take some of time and hence can lead to an occasional delay in delivery. While we ensure that a delay rarely happens, we urge you to excuse us if it ever happens.