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Origins & Inspiration

We think of ourselves as romantics. At times we detest chaos, other times we celebrate it. But at all times we yearn for the earthy scent after the rains. Small joys of life keep us going, as much as our friends and family do. You get the picture, we are all about simplicity and fulfilment. 

Our creative manifestation of those sentiments birthed Wildflower. It is a culmination of nostalgia for simpler days & an intimate expression of our heritage.


Rooted in comfort, Wildflower aims to bring forth the goodness of indigenous heritage crafts in simple nuanced designs for everyday living. 


Our Brand Name

As fashion and business novices, when we first registered our company, we found ourselves thinking of names that would resonate with us as people and also represent the work we wanted to do. ‘Wildflower’ rung true out of everything that we listed and discussed.

The name in itself is an embodiment of our design aesthetics – an ode to the ordinary, without pretence or embellishments, but breaking the monotony with colour. And above all being comfortable, raw and free.


Approach & Studio

Wildflower is an online clothing and lifestyle company based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We create dresses and separates that are thoughtfully designed for comfort and value.

We make our collections in small batch runs - launching at most two collections a year. All of our products are handcrafted and made to order. We only work with pure and handwoven fabrics that are ethically sourced from trusted vendors and weavers.

All of our prints are hand block printed by second generation master artisans in their workshop. The pieces are finished in our nicely lit home studio.


Sustainability & Evolving Consciousness

As a responsible business, we are constantly evaluating the value that we are creating for our customers, society and the environment at large. We learn new things everyday, experiment with methods old and new, and toy with ideas as we map our route to sustainability in the most earnest sense.

In this pursuit of doing better and fulfilling our sustainability goals, we practice the following:


Honour Heritage Crafts

We work directly with local craftspeople based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, who translate our designs into unique prints using the age-old craft of Hand Block Printing. A craft that has largely become a corner stone of Wildflower garments.

Hand block printing is an Indian art form that has been practised in Rajasthan for around 500 years. Introduced in Jaipur by the Chhipa community, the art of block printing has been passed down for generations.The process starts with a design, drawn on paper, which is then meticulously carved on sheesham (Indian rosewood) wood blocks, with each colour in the design intricately carved onto separate blocks. Block carving is in itself an art that requires years of apprenticeship to gain precision and is done entirely by hand. This is followed by the preparation of colours by a master printer. The wooden block is then dipped in the colour and stamped onto the fabric. Each colour pattern is stamped individually. This elaborate process takes skill and time, as the pattern must be stamped repeatedly across the fabric, colour by colour. The final outcome with its subtle variations — introduced by slight irregularities in print that are inevitable in handwork — gives each creation a unique and intimate character.


Use Natural & Organic Fabrics

We have always only worked with natural fabrics like pure cottons that are breathable and soft on our skin, while also being eco-friendly. 

We have also recently also started working with organic handwoven Kala Cotton, sourced directly from the weavers of Kutch, Gujarat (One Cert certified organic, Certificate No. ORG/SC/1307/001023). Here is a little information about the socio-ecological impact of this magnificent old world cotton.

Kala Cotton (pronounced kah-lah) is mainly grown in the districts of Kutch (Rapar and Bhachau blocks) and Surendranagar (Patdi, Dasada and Mandal blocks) in Gujarat. It is cultivated from non-GMO (genetically modified) seeds.

Organic: Having high tolerance against disease and pests, this local variety of cotton is grown without the use of any pesticides and chemical fertilisers. This not only makes it economically viable for farmers, but also prevents the seepage of chemicals in the soil and water bodies. 

Water Efficient: It is also extremely water efficient as it is purely rain-fed and is drought tolerant. This makes it a much better option in comparison to the conventional hybrid / BT cotton which takes about 1,400 litres of irrigated water to yield 1 kg of seed cotton (cotton lint with cotton seed).

Low Carbon Emission: Compared to conventional cotton, which generates 628 grams of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases per 1 kg seed cotton, Kala Cotton only generates 109 grams. This is due to the resilient nature of the crop that negates the use of chemical pesticides, fertilisers and excess water. 

Focus on Natural & AZO-free Dyes

We use either pigment dyes or natural dyes for our hand block printed pieces. The handwoven organic pieces are yarn dyed with AZO free, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic dyes.



Our natural dyes are prepared in Bagru, near Jaipur, by using natural pigments extracted from plant-based organic sources like indigo, harda and madder. We also use pigments extracted from earth-based mineral sources.

The method of preparing natural dyes is time consuming and laborious, but offers a unique and pleasing colour palette.


Slow & Small Production

We do not believe in excess production. All of our pieces are 'made to order' and we only do limited pieces in each of our capsule collections. Following a small-batch production process does increase our cost, but it allows us to keep our inventory low and helps prevent potential wastage. 


Low Carbon Footprint

All of our fabrics are handcrafted in our own production studio. Most of our sourcing and production happens locally in Jaipur as well, and this helps us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Practicing a small-batch production process also gives us the freedom to monitor our power consumption, and limit any excessive carbon emissions.     


Fair wages

We enjoy the process of creating and have great respect for our artisans and team members, for their persona, talent and workmanship. While our craftsmen like to work in their open workshops, the pieces are finished in our well lit and ventilated production studio. We provide timely and fair wages to all our team members.


Up cycling & zero waste 

In our pursuit to be a zero waste studio, we also use the scraps to make functional pieces like masks, storage bags, buntings, toys etc. We also plan to use the tiniest of cut pieces to make handmade paper.



We believe that sustainable and better options should be made available to everyone. Being a small business with low overheads and having no middlemen in our supply chain allows us to keep our product prices accessible while creating value for both, our customers and the team.  


Future commitments 

As we move forward with a renewed purpose, we’d love nothing more than to explore and work with more crafts and artisans from across the country.

We also pledge to continue learning along the way as we re-imagine our products and processes on our journey towards being more sustainable and accessible, while creating value for everyone. 

If you are reading this and know of any artisans that you think we should be working with in future, or any crafts and techniques you'd like to draw our attention to, then please do send us an email at sharing their contact details, or information on the craft. We would be ever so grateful!



Connecting with like-minded people is a blessing, more so when there is an ease, a sense of comfort and companionship.

With Wildflower, we've always envisioned a platform that rises above the scope of just commerce. Instead we see it as a happy, intuitive space for art and culture enthusiasts.

In this pursuit, we'll earnestly attempt to introduce you to some incredibly interesting peeps through our journal – Musings & More; while also sharing knowledge, tips & tricks to help you in your journey of conscious living through our Sustainability Guide. Think of it all as a holistic experience of sharing, learning & most of all – ‘just being’.



We staunchly believe in the power of meaningful collaborations. Not just barter perhaps, but an exchange of creative ideas that leads to mutual growth and impactful work. Have some ideas? Hit us up at We'd love to hear from you :)